Whitening Made Comfortable and Easy

Whitening treatments no longer have to be painful, uncomfortable, and long. As whitening technology advances, we advance alongside it. Since our founding, we have been committed to producing high-quality whitening materials and products, using the finest and safest ingredients and materials. With our selection of products, you can provide your patients with quicker and better whitening experiences that provide long-lasting results.

GloboDent Whitening Products

BlanQuest Pro (Professional Use Only)

The BlanQuest Pro—designed to treat dark or discolored teeth—is a singular in-office whitening procedure that allows dentists to offer their patients a quick and comfortable whitening experience that provides long-lasting results. In just 45 minutes, patients are able to see improvements by 3 to 8 shades. The BlanQuest Pro features our easy-to-apply, innovative advanced formula gel, decreasing patients’ risk for accelerated tooth sensitivity. To learn more about the BlanQuest Pro, visit http://globodent.com/blanquest-pro/.

BlanQuest Home

The BlanQuest Home, a product similar to the BlanQuest Pro, is a safe, effective and simple whitening kit for patients who wish to get whitening results from the comfort of their home. The BlanQuest Home can deliver powerful shade improvements after only 30 minutes a day, in two weeks or less. Featuring a refreshing mint flavor, the BlanQuest Home kit also includes EVA or thermoforming material—to allow patients a personalized tray—and our GloboDent remineralizing gel, that strengthens and remineralizes dental enamel and reduces the risk of tooth sensitivity. To learn more about the BlanQuest Home, visit https://shop.globodent.com/ products/blanquest-home.

LuxBrite Personal Teeth Whitening System

The LuxBrite system, a trend recently sweeping social media, is another at home whitening solution dentists may offer patients. The LuxBrite kit includes a teeth whitening accelerator that works with any smart phone charging port, so patients can get professional at home whitening treatments with the technology they use every day. The whitening accelerator operates with 16 whitening LEDs, and is a safe and effective way to improve teeth shades. Plus each kit comes with enough whitening material to provide results for up to a year. To learn more about the LuxBrite Personal Teeth Whitening System, visit https://shop.globodent.com/products/luxbrite- personal-teeth-whitening-system.

How to Become a GloboDent Dental Distributor

If you are interested in distributing safe and effective whitening GloboDent products to your dental patients, please email info@globodent.com for more information.