Case Study #4



Patient presented with visible crown and restorations

The patient in this case presented with multiple visible crowns and restorations. When numerous restorations including composites and crowns are present, it will be a matter of judgment whether tooth whitening is desirable. Since porcelain and most composites do not whiten, the results will be unsatisfactory and the patient must be informed of this in advance. In this case, in addition to the presence of multiple restorations that would have needed replacement after whitening to color match for aesthetic results, the tooth contours were poor. This patient opted for a porcelain reconstruction instead, with some whitening using the In-Office BlanQuest® Pro on the non- restored teeth. For this specific case, 2 sessions of 12 minutes each were completed using the In-Office BlanQuest® Pro, and a 3rd session of 8 minutes to focus on specific spots to even out the shades.