Dr. Saribelys Acevedo, DDS, MS

I’m using BlanQuest® Pro and almost every product from the GloboDent family for several years. Since the first try, I was amazed by the great results that my patients got with the BlanQuest® Pro, with beautiful white shades and zero sensitivity. What I love the most is the versatility of their whitening gel. It is very easy to apply, does not make bubbles at all, it is clear with great viscosity, and is very practical for me as a doctor and for my patients. I highly recommend all the GloboDent’s products for your patients and even for yourself.
Dominican Republic

Dr. Amber Garcia

We’ve been using BlanQuest® Pro with consistently great results. We’ve gotten a minimum of 3 shades whiter up to 8 shades on a few patients. Most have reported no sensitivity afterwards. The few that have had sensitivity had sensitivity had sensitivity prior to whitening or had recession with exposed root structure. We are extremely pleased with this product.
Katy, TX

Dr. Obando DDS MS

I had a great experience using the BlanQuest® Pro whitening gel. From the moment I was opening the kit, the patient was very interested at the great presentation it has. The shade guide captured the patient’s attention and kept her engaged on the treatment. The gingival barrier is easy to apply and very easy to remove at the end of the procedure. The best of all, we did not get any filtration towards the gums, patient did not have any sensitivity and was extremely satisfied with the shade that was obtained. “Wow…Healthy and Shiny Enamel” she stated.
St. Augustine, FL