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The BlanQuest Professional Whitening Treatment provides the most effective solution towards a brilliant white smile. Give your patients a noticeably whiter smile in minimal time in just one in-office procedure. Teeth Whitening is the most frequently requested esthetic dental procedure and with our advanced 45 minutes procedure, patients will see rapid and dramatic results.


The GloboDent Blan-Quest Professional Whitening Treatment Kit is designed for treating dark, discolored tooth/teeth caused by dark food and/or drink intake, but also discolorations caused by pharmacological, traumatic factors such as dental fluorosis, tetracycline and adult minocycline stains.


  • Comprehensive Whitening Kit for 5 patients
  • 3 to 8 shade improvements in ONLY 45 minutes
  • Features GloboDent innovative 35% H2O2 advanced formula gel
  • Includes GloboDent Remineralizing Gel, proven to strengthen and remineralize dental enamel while decreasing risks of tooth sensitivity, for a comfortable procedure.
  • Designed for use with any light accelerated whitening system

Kit includes:

  •  5 syringes of 35% H2O2 BlanQuest Pro Whitening gel (3ml each)
  •  5 syringes of GloboDent Gingival Barrier (1.2ml each)
  •  1 syringe of GloboDent Remineralizing Gel
  •  1 manual
  •  5 face protection cloths
  •  1 shade guide