Are you looking for a sparklier smile? When it comes to teeth whitening, there are some things you should know before you seek out the perfect whitening treatment. Understanding these rules-of-thumb and current research can ensure that your teeth whitening session is not only safe, but effective as well. 

Teeth whitening has become more accessible over the years. As the public demands perfect smiles, this allows dental companies to produce a wide range of home-based dental products such as toothpastes, gels and films. It also creates a demand for in-office based products which contain highly concentrated bleach. 

Though the rise in cosmetic accessibility is a good thing, high demand has resulted in an increase of various harmful whitening methods, products and scams that you may have heard of already. New research shows that more risks than ever before have surfaced when using teeth whitening products, including things like tooth roughening/softening and the color change of dental restorations. As a result, current research focuses on developing whitening procedures to lessen tooth sensitivity and to boost the endurance of the whitening.  

Current studies are being performed to show the effects of various whitening regimens. Manufacturers instructions have been implemented and, as it is important to know exactly what is in whitening products, ingredient labels have increased in popularity as well. Users of teeth whitening products should know that Hydrogen peroxide and Carbamide peroxide based tooth whitening products are considered safe and effective to use. However, each dental product is not without risk, which is why it is important to be educated about any risks associated with teeth whitening and should seek professional help if needed. 

GloboDent is here to provide valuable resources such as new research and current studies when it comes to choosing your next dental whitening treatment. With GloboDent, it is not only our promise to deliver effective dental products, but to educate you on how cosmetically alter your teeth safely. This is why our products are designed with the most up-to-date research in mind. To learn more about GloboDent’s aesthetic whitening products, visit