Many people yearn for a bright white smile, so they invest in whitening treatments, avoid coffee and red wine, and brush constantly. While top-notch oral hygiene and quality whitening treatments (like the LuxBrite or BlanQuest Home) are a great way to invest in your dream smile, there are other things you can do to help whiten your teeth naturally. 

We’ve talked before about what foods to avoid because they stain your teeth. Things like coffee, tea and red wine top the list. However, did you know there are plenty of foods that have the opposite effect? Eating antioxidant rich foods, such as fresh fruits and raw vegetables, can whiten your teeth naturally and effectively. Below is a list we have compiled to help you achieve your perfect smile.


Aged cheeses like gouda have a high acid content, and therefore protect your teeth against future decay. Their hard surfaces also remove food particles and stains.


This fan-favorite fruit contains malic acid. When combined with baking soda, the paste is a great way to help naturally foster a better smile. Just be sure to brush your teeth after whitening, as strawberries contain sugar. 


This crunchy root can scrub stains from your teeth. Polish them smooth by rubbing the raw vegetable against your teeth.


While other citrus fruits (and their peels) are highly acidic, orange peels are not. The vitamin C in the orange peel helps whiten teeth. Simply wash the peel thoroughly and rub the inside of the peel on the surface of your smile. The peel helps minimize plaque and reduces the build-up of tartar. 


Though it may seem strange, this dark-colored, highly-sweet food is actually good for your smile. They clean your mouth quickly, and chewing on them stimulates plaque-preventing saliva. 


Eating the leafy florets of raw broccoli provides an effect similar to brushing your teeth. Its high iron levels defend your teeth against erosion, bacteria and stains.


This sweet fruit is the only fruit to naturally contain bromelain, a cleansing, anti-inflammatory compound that helps remove stains from your pearly whites.

When it comes to your smile, only you can know what treatments work best for you. While these foods can help improve your smile, the best way to get quickly-visible results is to use a safe and effective whitening kit. GloboDent has a variety of kits available to help you achieve your dream smile. Visit to learn more.