GloboDent is transforming people’s confidence by changing lives one smile at a time and reaching people who are in need of a bright, happy smile in our community. We believe children and adults, no matter their socio-economical status deserve access to safe and effective dental products. Establishing a regular oral health routine for children is critical for preserving a bright, healthy smile for life.

Our Passion

Many people in the United States lack back access to oral care products, and fewer regularly visit a dentist needed to achieve their perfect smiles. People who are incapable of regularly visiting their dentist will develop poor oral health care.

GloboDent aims to combat this problem by providing people in need a donation of BlanCrisp Toothpaste and EcoFriendly Brushes. We want to ensure everyone has their ideal perfect smile. We’re committed to transforming people’s self-confidence by aiding in the improvement’s of everyone’s dental oral care.

Our Donations

GloboDent is dedicated to spreading the power of a smile by improving them in children and adults in our community. We have given dental solutions and oral care products to over ten local organizations. Through partnerships with local nonprofit organizations, ministries, and charitable drives, GloboDent has donated over 5,000 Eco-Friendly Toothbrushes and 1,000 BlanCrisp Toothpaste. We’re committed to making a difference, and it starts with a bright, healthy smile.

Donating toothpaste and toothbrushes to people in need gives us one more reason to smile. We’re proud to make a difference in the lives of people in our community. We’re helping to improve people’s confidence, one smile at a time.

Your Organization

GloboDent is not finished delivering smiles; we’re looking for local organizations who need oral care solutions for their clients. If you need safe, gentle, and high-quality dental products, email us at [email protected] to learn more about our outreach initiative. If you’re not an organization but know of one that is deserving nominate an organization in need by sending us a message. Briefly explain how we can help you make a difference in our community, and provide a description of your organization and the impact you make in our community.


To learn more about GloboDent and our mission, visit